Biagini: We use historical crafts with young eyes

Our collaboration with Biagini1968 for the Fur Vision 2023 collection is a lovechild of two historical crafts. Biagini mastering the artisanal making of bags, Saga Furs knowing the craftsmanship behind using fur. And what a lovechild the two bags in the collection are! The shape of the bag complementing and giving frames to the fur both in intarsia and chevron pattern.

Biagini craftsmanship

“We work with different leathers from cow to crocodile and thought it would be natural to also add fur into the palette. You can achieve a multidimensional look and soft touch with adding fur,” says Valentina Amidei, the head designer of Biagini1968.

Bags compliment the fur and vice versa

In the collaboration we wanted the shape and look of the bag also shine. For that reason we chose to use shaved mink. Shaved mink also has the viewers wonder about the material: is it fur or could it be velvet?

“And then your genius way of using tone-on-tone intarsia and the chevron pattern to further puzzle the looker. This gives multiple angles to viewing the bags. You know, when something is made by hand from start to finish – like our bags and your fur techniques – you need those wow effects to have the viewer always find new aspects. This is also essential in making a bag to be slow fashion and not thrown out after only a few times of use.”

Biagini1968 is based in Modena, Italy, where Valentina’s dad founded the company decades ago. Valentina works in the company with two of her siblings – and of course the tens of artisans who make the bags in the premises.

“Our designs are based on new contemporary language with precious materials using historical crafts with young eyes. I hope these qualities shine through with the two bags we made for the Fur Vision collection.”


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