Bitto: “We learned something new”

Stefano Brundu and his team at Bitto did their magic in realising a draped silk dress and bolero with feather-looking fox in the hem for our Fur Vision 2023 collection. And a lot of magicians from Bitto were involved in the making of the garment, ranging from a modelist to seam cutter, from tailor to furrier.

“For this dress and bolero we had a clear plan on what Saga would like us to achieve. The typical way we work is a bit different: we manufacture made-to-order garments. Often the briefing from the customer is a photo of celebrity wearing a coat. In these cases, we have a lot of freedom to interpret the look to fit and compliment the customer”, explains Stefano Brundu, the designer at Bitto.

Bitto silk dress with fur

“With the Fur Vision collaboration, we were creating the garments to fit into a collection. It’s for this reason we talked a lot within our team and the Saga team. This was done to find the right silk, the perfect cut and fit for the draping – and also the right way of adding the fur trim. And as a true form for Fur Vision, we hadn’t used this type of feather technique on fur before. So, we had the chance to learn a new skill which is always a bonus!”


Silk dress with an elegant sporty flair

Stefano really likes how the sportiness of fox adds a certain flair of fun into the dress. “In my opinion, fox is athletic, mink is elegant. With these garments, adding fox as the trim is the right choice. Fox brings more interest to the simple and elegant shape of the dress. These are also the perfect example of how fur is something different. Before I joined Bitto, I used to associate fur with grandma’s going out to church.”

Bitto’s offices are just outside of Milan. It was close by where the three Bitto brothers founded the company in 1981 as a small bottega. Back then the company was called Fratelli Bitto.

“During the decades, Bitto moved from only working with bespoke fur garments to consumers to work as a manufacturer for several fur brands. This is when we changed the name to Bitto Srl. Today, we focus on aesthetic research, craftsmanship and creativity at the service of responsible luxury. We are the only Italian company who can manufacture a garment in-house including having all the raw materials and production. What’s more, we also have our archives for inspiration”, says Pietro Bitto, the third and newest generation Bitto working in the company.

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