Craftsmanship in fur sustains at Saga Design Centre

You cannot attain true luxury without superb materials, but that is not enough. Creative, skillful craftsmanship and design must be applied to transform a material such as fur into luxurious fashion.

Seasonal collections that radiate expert craftsmanship in fur generally owe a debt of gratitude to innovative efforts at the Design Centre. Founded in 1988, Saga Furs Design Centre had one objective: to invent new ways to use fur and share innovation with the world of fashion. Since then, the site has evolved into the global think-tank of fur innovation, the place designers turn to when they want to transform ideas into reality.

Fur is so versatile you can create anything with it

Designers, furriers and fur technicians at the Design Centre devote their skills to inventing new craft techniques. Saga® Mink, Finnraccoon and Fox can be shorn, scored, plucked, colored, printed, bleached, painted, laser treated, and much more, depending upon the desired effects of volume, lightness, contrast, pattern or texture.

The Design Centre experts create technique swatches to be applied in the construction of a garment or accessory. Technique samples are shown to designers and clothing companies who visit the Design Centre and at trade fairs. New techniques, however, are displayed at Saga Furs invitation-only annual event, Fur Vision, a road-show that visits fashion capitals in Europe, North America and Asia.

Designers and their teams examine the swatches, select techniques to be used and get instructions on how they can be used. Innovation from Saga Furs coupled with a designer’s imagination generates new design ideas, but it’s the furrier craft that transforms it all into the beauty you see on fashion runways.

Please enjoy the Saga Furs “Craftsmanship” video below!