Eternal love, timeless inspiration

The timeless undeniable beauty of fur is our strongest asset. Every year we set out for a journey to discover something new about our favourite material. This journey is called Fur Vision – the inspirational showcase of our creativity.

With the Fur Vision 2023 collection, the Saga Furs’ team wanted to showcase fur from the good old times. We took inspiration from The Great Fur Caravan, the iconic photoshoot published in Vogue in 1966. Vogue took fur on an adventure into “the strange secret snow country of Japan”. Looking at the feature now, more than 50 years later, the aesthetics are still universal, and most of the fur styles are iconic.

We played with colours that come from nature and with fur looks that are timeless. This doesn’t mean dusty and boring – but fooling around with different shades of a colour. As an example, the fur tips are natural but the underwool is dyed, or vice versa. This gives the impression of things being rather in between than purely uniform.

We saw this in-between beauty in water, and it inspired us to find the best blue and green tones – and also sparkle that reminds us of a glittering lake. Water inspired to play with tonal colours and surprise with combinations. As an example, have a look at this below detail of a sample hand-embroidered by Agathe Mania, combining fox, fabric and beads.

Fox fur embroidery

When we looked at trees, we noticed bark, leaves and cones. How nature finds out ways to grow by repeating patterns. This inspired us to examine the classic let-out technique. What we played with was using tonal and block colours to show a modern approach to this traditional mastery. The interpretation of the let-out technique is visible through-out this collection with different chevron and herringbone patterns. The below photo shows how we mixed fox and Finnraccoon to create a chevron pattern with the let-out technique.

When we examined stones, we noticed the bold combinations – greys, blacks and browns exist with a hint of gold. Stony textures inspired the use of techniques to combine different shades, colours and volumes and be brave with them.

We also worked with several partners in design and manufacturing to give further inspiration. But for now, please hold on to your seat while we start this introduction journey.

With this short glimpse to the Fur Vision 2023 collection, we hope that you can feel our love towards this eternal material. Our Eternal Love.