Fur Vision 22 and collaboration with Nordic Fur

Last but not the least we introduce Italian manufacturer Nordic Fur who helped us to create our Fur Vision 22 collection. The company was born in 2003 to offer a transformation service for raw materials to Fashion houses which started working with fur.

“Our company is specializing in quality fur production and Saga Furs is our absolute reference for the raw material. This cooperation around Fur Vision is already a sort of habit for our company”, says Elisabetta Raspanti, the owner of Nordic Fur. And it’s true as this was already third year in row when we collaborated with Nordic Fur around Fur Vision collection and over the years, we have developed lots of different things.



“I have been working very closely together with Nordic Fur for three seasons with the production of Danish fashion designer Astrid Andersen’s collections. Also, Nordic Fur has made garments for Fur Vision collection for the past three years. They are extremely kind, super nice to work with and very, very skilled!”, says Sofie from Saga Furs Creative Hub.

As with many skilled fur manufacturers also here we are talking about a family business. “For me it came with my cultural roots. In my family I have always been surrounded by furs, garments for the winter season and garments made for the special occasions”, continues Elisabetta.

To a question what has been the most interesting or rewarding collaboration they have had so far and which collection or product they are especially proud of, it turns out to be “the ethnic patchwork coat that Nordic Fur created for Fur Vision collection three seasons ago”.



“The ethical coat looks like a big puzzle but is actually constructed very logically. Nordic Fur caught the idea immediately and made an amazing job with this fabulous coat!”, adds Sofie.

We also discussed about the changes that the pandemic has had on us and as we all agree, yes, it does have affected all of us in one way or another. But seeing things in a positive way is the only way to go. So there seems to be also a silver lining, as a result of pandemic “we ended up being more at home and sort of living our home, and at the end we in a way learned to appreciate it”, says Elisabetta.

We ended our conversation with the view on the future of fur. “How do I see the future of fur? Hmm…Confused. Confused, exactly as the world we are living in now. We have difficulties in express our true opinion. We are continuously targeted with information that contributes to grow our sense of bewilderment. In any case fur is an old thing, but we are still speaking about it. There must be a reason for it!”



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