Fur Vision 22 and what inspired the collection?

Fur Vision 22 is a special collection that represents and reflects on a year that has changed the world as we knew it (referring to Covid-19). This has affected every one of us in one way or another – how we live, how we work and how we think.

The year has been challenging people, questioning our choices in what we like, how we shop, how we spend our time, how we consume and how we prioritize things. Even though it’s been a tough year that we have been through globally, we want to celebrate all the good that has come out of it. This article is an introduction to Fur Vision 22 collection, giving a glimpse to the inspiration and the stories behind this year’s collection.

The collection is divided to the three main stories: Vivid and Fresh tones, Soft and rich tones, and Natural tones. When working on this collection Saga Furs collaborated with several manufacturers from different markets and soon you will be able to read articles about them too. But first…

Few more words about the background of Fur Vision 22 collection

The year put the world in lockdown, which meant people looked for comfort, and we are not talking just about the comfort of their physical body, but also, their minds. We saw a huge boom of people going back to basics, taking the time to get back into crafts, or teach themselves something new, like crochet, knitting or patchwork.

Shops were closed and people started to upcycle their wardrobes, becoming sustainable and resourceful in the new ways. We wanted to feel safe, so we started to wear chunky tactile knits again or we started seeking for comfort and taking advantage of wearing our fluffy slippers while on an important zoom call.

Then we came out of the winter months and even thought the world remained to stand still, we saw and wished for some hope. We saw the blue of the sky and the green of the grass in a way we have never see or appreciated before. So, people decided that it was time for a fresh, bright, and happy colors again. It was time to start to express happiness through expressing color, patterns, prints and tactile textures throughout their homes and through what they were wearing.

This resulted in the part of the collection, which will show a lot of the woven designs and graphics of quilting and patchwork details, with accents of iridescent and metallic reflection, to define the expression of hope and celebration.


Vivid and fresh tones

Part 1 of the three Fur Vision 22 collection color stories is the Vivid and fresh collection. It contains combinations of vivid green and acid tones, accompanied with fresher greens, lilacs and deeper vivid purples and petroleum blues. A clash of color which represents a little bit of discomfort and new challenges, and fresh approach to the new beginnings.

We love to push new colors to the dressing companies, and anything is now possible. So, we like to see these new fresh approaches of color being trailed with other treatments such as snow top bleaching, plucking, and shearing. With this we wanted to show some of these new bright tones and dress popular skin types of the season, such as Silver fox and White Finnraccoon. Withing this collection we have also collaborated with Greek manufacturer INNOV and can’t wait to share more with you!


Soft and rich tones

Part 2 of the Fur Vision 22 collection is called Soft and rich tones. It displays more subtle tones, including soft pastels, deep purples and blues, match with a series of natural skin color with cold clarifications, such as pearl, palomino, silver blue mink and palomino frost fox. These we have combined with some richer color tones, such as deep purple and petroleum blue, to give a more innocent but elegant feel.

This part of the collection has the strongest red thread of the home comforts and the crochet story. The crochet design has been displayed through real hand crochet, digital cut mink, printed shearling, printed lining and hand painting and cutting from our collaboration with Søren Bach.

In addition, several samples are made in collaboration with Italian manufacturer Altile and a fur manufacturer from China Meng Xiangze. Soon, you will be able to read and see more as well, so stay tuned!


Natural tones

The third part of the Fur Vision 22 collection is called Natural tones and is to platform the beauty of natural skins, in combination with playing around with other dyed skin in natural tones.

We wanted to display a variety of stories and techniques within this capsule, taking inspiration from the ‘homecraft’ concept of crochet, weaving and patchwork, along with some easy to develop commercial samples.

And last but not the least, we took the forever fur trend of the ‘animal design’, but this year we wanted to take it into a more abstract angle, through strong combinations of color and more graphic designs. Maybe some could say a more surrealistic approach. Inspired by graphics of the late 60’s.

Also, withing this collection we have collaborated with two different manufacturers – Hong Kong Fur and Italian manufacturer Nordic Fur.


Fur Vision 22 collection is a very strong collection with a story and a deeper meaning. It is also a perfect combination of design, craftsmanship and a production friendly development. We hope that you enjoy Fur Vision 22 collection as much as we enjoyed working on it!


To learn more about the concept of Fur Vision, please read this article.