Fur Vision 24: A Testament to Timelessness

When Saga Furs launched its first Fur Vision event in New York in 2000 the ambitious goal was to inspire not only designers and manufacturers, but the entire fashion industry. The initial intention was to present innovative ideas for utilizing fur in ways that departed from tradition while remaining practical. And that’s what we try to do also this year – inspire you to experiment with fur and to find the new ways how to use it.

Since 2000, the global landscape has undergone substantial transformations. Trends have shifted, certainly, but beyond that, the imperative of sustainability has risen, the digital revolution has reshaped the world as we know it, and the recent global pandemic has fundamentally altered the way we live and work – quite often from our home and in our sweats.

Global warming has brought forth unprecedented heatwaves, snowstorms and other extreme weather conditions. With social media and internet, trends travel fast, and everything seems to be easy to buy and get delivered straight to our doorstep. And when everyone can have what you have, coupled with environmental concern, the idea of less is more, minimalism and upcycling has established it’s place.


Saga Furs presents 4 capsule collections

This year’s Fur Vision collection features four distinct capsules, all meticulously crafted to meet the contemporary needs of our dynamic world. Each capsule addresses the multifaceted aspects of modern living, fashion, and sustainability.

First capsule was made in collaboration with an Italian designer Ludovico Bruno. The collection redefines fur’s role in a modern wardrobe. His unisex vision offers versatile styling for various situations, showcasing fur items that defy convention, making fur coats anything but traditional. Discover his insights later on this page in an exclusive interview as well as on Instagram.

New York-based designer Romeo Hunte brings his African American heritage and New York City love to the second capsule, Accessories. Just like always in his designs this collection is a blend of vivid colors, chic aesthetics, and an edgy vibe. Catering to a younger audience and answering especially on Asian market demand, these fur accessories resonate. Also, more details will be shown later on this page and social media.

The last two capsules are born in-house and champion Upcycling and Interior innovation. These items are made from both fresh new pelts as well old and recycled Fur Vision samples, skillfully transformed by Saga Furs’ furriers into garments, pillows, and carpets. These capsules harmonize heritage with sustainability, proving the endless possibilities of fur.

Keep following our channels to learn more about these capsules too.


Fur Vision 24 – what to expect?

So, what to expect…? This year we present more finished garments than ever before. Above all, this year’s collection, with all four capsules, is about inspiration. And at the same time reflecting current trends and needs. It shows that fur is versatile, sustainable, and always on point, even when it doesn’t look like fur or is not used in a traditional way.

Fur is a precious, natural material which doesn’t lose its technical properties or allure even after years. And of course, each sample has a label with the RFID technology, allowing you to have full transparency at your fingertips. Just tap and trace!

We hope you love our collection and find lots of inspiration!