Fur Vision capsule with Copenhagen artist and artisan Mr. Søren Bach

In this year’s Fur Vision 22 collection we had the excessive honor of having artist and artisan Søren Bach working with us on a capsule fur collection based on hair designs, which he masters to perfection. Once you read this article, you probably won’t be surprised that the same man has been designing spectacular costume designs created for The Hunger Games movie!


For more than 20 years, since year 2000 to be exact, the Fur Vision collection by Saga Furs Creative Hub has continuously inspired the fashion industry in correspondence with the latest trends on the market. Saga Furs is proud to have a developing team with a highly developed sense of aesthetical changes and movements within fashion, yet, always having production in mind at the same time. This said, we have a very long tradition and experience in developing fur samples which are easy to produce but which at the same time look complex and beautiful.

Being ahead of – and in tune with – the trends in fashion, we also invest a lot of time in creating samples that aren’t meant for industrial production. These items are rich in details and complexity when it comes to techniques and aesthetical aspects. Cooperation with very talented artisans is a major keystone to success, and to keep us alert and creative in designing inspirational fashion samples.


The capsule fur collection by Søren Bach or ‘the Mad Hatter’

This year, we had the excessive honor of having artist and artisan Søren Bach working with us on a capsule collection based on hair designs, which he masters to perfection. Søren Bach started his career as a hairstylist in Copenhagen. He has traveled the world making hair for fashion shows and different artists. Søren is considered to be state of the art in his designs and techniques.

While working in London in 2004, Søren was admitted at The Royal College of Art where he successfully took a course in hat designs and techniques. Since then, Søren has brought the making of hair and hats in creative and spectacular combinations to new remarkable heights. He is sometimes being referred to as ‘the Mad Hatter’. Instead of perceiving Søren as a regular milliner, it would be more accurate to define Søren as the true and inspiring artist he really is.

From the very beginning of his career, Søren has been genuinely fascinated by fur and as a consequence he has made fur to be the founding raw material to his artistic ideas. To reach the finest results Søren puts his own efforts in the processing processes in order to feel the fur texture and taking its glance into consideration; then he cuts and color it by hand. Combining his genuine fur shaped looks with other kinds of materials, Søren ends up creating designs that almost seem to catch a cosmic sense in an eccentric way. Søren has brought so much attention to his work that some of his best ideas has been obtained by top designers such as Louis Vuitton and Dior. Furthermore, Søren was involved with the colorful and spectacular costume designs created for the blockbuster movie The Hunger Games (2012).


Looking to the future

Saga Furs and The Creative Hub would like to give its sincere thanks to Søren Bach for his time and willingness to collaborate with us. The Creative Hub is very proud of the samples that have been developed and produced in cooperation with him.

Working with Søren has been a true source of inspiration that has expanded our horizon leading to new understandings and knowledge. Sørens’ take on color as a life-affirming articulation could be seen as an expression of a deep and profound longing after a brighter world that awaits us beyond the colorless sphere of COVID-19. Working with Søren will clearly generate new inspirational ideas and designs to the developing team in The Creative Hub that we are grateful for.


Check out Sørens’ Instagram feed for more inspiration here.

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