REMIX winner inspired by pollution choses real fur

Saga Furs helped young Chinese designer Chunchen Liu create her first capsule collection. It may seem odd, but the winner who won the Asia and Saga Award at the International REMIX Fur Design Competitions found inspiration after considering all the plastic and synthetic waste that has polluted the earth. So Liu took the sustainable route and opted for fur, although coincidence played a role.

The young designer says that she pushes herself to “innovate with technology and style” to create alluring pieces that are also sustainable. The expert furriers at Saga Furs Design Centre helped her discover ”techniques I never knew existed,” and she says they improved sketched ideas that later enhanced the finished garments of the capsule collection.

REMIX winner Chunchen Liu sketches
REMIX winner Chunchen Liu works on her collection

Support from Saga Furs plays a part in forming a budding carrier in fashion design

Chunchen Liu, like many young people, is very aware of environmental destruction and the impact humans have on the ecology. She discovered the sustainable values of fur as a student, decided to take a course in fur craftsmanship and won the competitions as a result.

By winning the Saga Award at REMIX, Chunchen Liu received a week-long seminar at Saga Furs Design Centre. Saga Furs has been helping young designers learn about the furrier craft and inspired collections for decades. In keeping with the tradition, Saga Furs’ experts were instrumental in forming Liu’s capsule collection.

Chunchen Liu working at Saga Design Centre
REMIX winner Chunchen Liu with Saga team

REMIX winner teams up with Saga Furs to create a sustainable capsule fur collection

During her week at Saga Furs Design Centre, Liu discovered a whole new universe; she found a variety of fur types and scores of craft techniques. The furriers assisted her as she learned techniques and guided her as to what materials could be used for what.

Her sketches were improved and slight changes were made, but the essence of her original ideas remained. One piece perfectly illustrates her environmental concerns: a bolero made of Saga® Mink and Fox, and Tyvek, a fully-degradable synthetic made by DuPont. Another was an oversized sweater made of Saga® Mink, Fox and organza. The last piece was a tunic in Saga® Fox, sheared Mink and organza. All pieces were displayed at the Saga Furs’ Fur Vision events globally.

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