Romeo Hunte Capsule – Edgy Glamour Meets Urban Inspiration

In collaboration with New York-based designer Romeo Hunte, Saga Furs unveils an exciting capsule collection that seamlessly marries African American heritage and the vibrant spirit of New York City.

The Accessories capsule is a testament to Romeo Hunte’s unique vision, with standout pieces like denim jeans featuring brick intarsia inspired by the iconic New York subway. True to Hunte’s signature style, the collection boasts a fusion of vivid hues, sophisticated aesthetics, and an unmistakable edge. Catering to a younger demographic and meeting the demand in Asian markets, this fur collection resonates.

“The idea behind creating an accessories capsule was to offer a more approachable option for the younger audience. A full fur coat can sometimes feel overwhelming, which led us to this exciting collaboration,” shares Thea Larsen, a furrier on the Saga Furs team.

Romeo Hunte’s accessories will turn heads

Accessories, inherently more versatile and often more budget-friendly, provide an entry point for many young individuals. It’s no surprise that for many, their first encounter with fur is through a playful pompom, be it attached to their keys, bag, or hat. Naturally, our aim was to craft a collection that stands out, something unexpectedly delightful and not only a pompom.

This collection is thoughtfully designed to function as a cohesive ensemble – pairing jeans with a tank top, Timberland boots with cozy socks, complemented by a paper bag-inspired handbag, backpack, and hat. “My personal favorite is the giant Teddy bear backpack! It’s not only a stand-out piece with ambitious design but also a fantastic way to capture the attention of the younger generation and to bring attention to fox in general,” enthuses Sofia Dimitriadis, a furrier in the Saga Furs team.

She continues, “Despite its extravagance, it has the potential to be a breakthrough hit in certain markets. Our industry could greatly benefit from a product like this! That’s the beauty of collaborating with diverse designers – they always bring something unexpected to the table.”

Romeo Hunte New York is a lifestyle apparel brand known for its meticulous craftsmanship and innovative design. The Romeo Hunte individual embodies confidence, innovation, and a deep appreciation for the arts and pop culture. “New York is major inspiration for my designs, whether its subway motifs or city-themed colorways. My brand is easily recognisable for incorporating and combining lots of denim with other fabrics. My clients wear fur accessories all year round, and I think this collection is for everyone. Each piece you can make your own,Romeo Hunte explains about the collection.

With a client list boasting celebrities like Zendaya and Beyoncé, Romeo Hunte’s designs have captured the attention of icons including Lewis Hamilton, Idris Elba, and Michelle Obama. In 2021, Vogue featured Romeo Hunte in an article titled, “How Romeo Hunte Is Quietly Redefining What It Means to Be an American Brand.” And now, he designed a capsule for Saga Furs Fur Vision collection.

“I love that the Saga techniques and craftsmanship gives me the free will to go outside the box and create something new, fresh, and dope,” Hunte continues.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this captivating capsule!