Søren Bach: hairdresser techniques on fur

Would you believe that the sample on the left is made from North American black mink – the blackest mink there is? Us neither, but here it is after being coloured and cut by the hairdresser and milliner extraordinaire Søren Bach.
“I didn’t know that such a black mink existed! It colours differently to black and other dark minks.”

For the inspiration Fur Vision 2023 collection, Søren worked with four technique samples: two with mink and two with fox.  The sample that really inspired him as a hairdresser, is this one below: hand-dyeing the blackest mink with different bleaches. He also used different types of chains to create the uneven surface on the sample.

Hand-cut and hand-dyed mink

Would you believe, the work started with uniform North American black mink? The result is something really different.


Fox required studying

Copenhagener Søren has used fur as a milliner in his hat designs. Nowadays he treats fur as a hairdresser: bleaching, colouring, cutting, shaving… How is it?
“Mink is quite like human hair, but it still inspires me. Fox, on the other hand, requires a lot of studying: how the guard hair acts when coloured or cut, and same for the underwool. And then, when you cut fox, it explodes – it’s so thick that it puzzles me.”

What’s more is that when working with human hair, a hairdresser’s job is to make the hair look thicker. “But with fox, it’s just so voluminous that it challenges me as a hairdresser with our cutting techniques.”

Søren loves manipulating fur so that people are looking really closely and thinking “what is this”.
“Fur is so natural and dimensional: the wool, length, shine… I try not to disguise that it’s fur but that’s how I work with my techniques – how to make fur look 3D.”

Soren Bach hand-dyed and hand-cut fox and mink

Søren Bach’s two fox samples: On the left, Arctic Marble fox hand-dyed to reach a kaleidoscope effect. On the right, the sample is hand-dyed Blue fox with Snowtop treatment. It was hand-cut to create an ear on the surface. In the middle, the same ear but with hand-dyed and hand-cut North American mink.


We also worked with Søren Bach on the Fur Vision 2022 collections. Read more on the previous collaboration.