Unisex Elegance by Ludovico Bruno

Saga Furs x Ludovico Bruno capsule collection

What if fur wouldn’t look like traditional fur? One piece draws inspiration from the traditional Tapis Berbere, another embodies Haute Couture, one resembles a knitted sweater… Italian freelance designer Ludovico Bruno has crafted a unisex capsule collection designed for versatile styling and long-lasting wear.

“This capsule is a finished wardrobe for someone, featuring a coat, a kimono, a sweater and a top with a touch of party flair. Most of the collection is intentionally unisex and suitable for anyone – for someone young styled with jeans and sneakers, or an older individual like a sophisticated Parisian gallerist seeking a more formal look, or even men,” Ludovico Bruno explains about the collection.

The collection draws inspiration from recent shifts in consumer behavior

In conversation with Bruno, we extensively discussed fashion and shifts in consumer behavior. These topics, coupled with a visit to Fur Vision Milan last year, ignited a concept in the designer’s mind. Previous Fur Vision collection drew inspiration from Vogue’s iconic 1966 photoshoot, the Great Fur Caravan, celebrating fur. The looks were voluminous, luxurious, and distinctly fur-like aesthetics.

“I’ve observed a shift in the world, where ‘luxury’ has taken on a different meaning. We don’t go to parties like we did, we don’t even go physically to work, and external factors such as weather play a role. In Italy it was so warm during Christmas last year, there hasn’t been cold weather to wear big fur coats,” Bruno elaborates. (Nevertheless, he designed one l-a-r-g-e fox fur coat, and it is truly stunning!)

“So, this shift in our way of living immediately made me think of using fur in a different manner, keeping the properties of fur, but making it look different, not like traditional fur.” And we find the idea appealing.

Traditionally, many still consider fur as having a classic look, often associating it with images from old photos or memories of our mothers and grandmothers wearing fur. Yet, how surprised these people are when they visit for the first time Saga Furs and witness the diverse colors and techniques of our samples archive that have evolved over the years.

The love for natural materials and individual style

Many individuals desire to dress themselves in sweaters, denim jackets, trench coats or like to express their unique personalities. But why can’t these items not be made of fur? We also often jump to the conclusion that all young people don’t care about fur due to sustainability concerns. But.

I love fur! And so do my friends. I’ve picked my friends wisely! 😉 But I do understand that there is controversial opinion. I believe fur has its place – it’s natural, a superior alternative to synthetic plastic fur, and it provides warmth. If I think about interior decor, it’s hard for me to imagine the use of fur in an Italian home, maybe. But if we speak about a chalet in a snowy place, I think it’s a must!! It seamlessly fits in that context, ensuring warmth and coziness,” Bruno adds.

“We all worked so hard to make this happen and I’m so excited for how this capsule collection turned out!” We couldn’t agree more and sincerely hope you like it too.

Designer Bio Shortly

  • Originally Ludovico Bruno started as a knitwear designer over ten year ago
  • In his CV, you can find names such as Moncler, Giambattista Valli, Thom Brown, Matthew Williams, Simone Rocha and Farfetch, just to name a few
  • In 2022 Ludovico Bruno launched his own brand, MORDECAI, based and produced in Italy
  • The main categories of MORDECAI are outerwear and knits
  • MORDECAI’s first season was SS24 and it will hit stores in November 2023
  • Favourite items from the capsule: Denim inspired jacket, Tapis Berbere and kimono
  • Instagram: @ludovico_bruno_  &  @mordecai_studio


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