Welcome to choose.sagafurs.com – the information and inspiration hub from Saga Furs


The new site provides a combination of articles, stories, interviews and science based data to support and inspire those who love fur and want to make a responsible and sustainable choice in the process.

Saga Furs offers the world’s greatest selection of luxurious types of fur and has always worked closely with fur breeders to ensure the highest levels of animal welfare and industry leading practices. At the same time our efforts in product development have inspired designers everywhere for more than 30 years, after the establishment of the Saga Design Centre. In all the links between farm and fashion, Saga Furs has attempted to promote, develop and share responsible practices among our partners.

Sustainability, traceability and transparency are the requirements that designers, fashion brands and consumers expect today more and more. In order to provide content that caters more to the needs of the fashion industry and end consumers, we decided to launch choose.sagafurs.com to supplement the Saga Furs main corporate website, sagafurs.com (Please find the link to sagafurs.com in main navigation at the top of the page).

The new site will become the hub for ongoing content designed specifically with the fashion community in mind. You. By releasing new content on a regular basis, we continually give the fashion audience a reason to visit our site again.

We are happy to see you here and hope to see you soon again!