How to take care for real fur? It’s easy and it also loves pampering, just like you

In the times when a ‘slow fashion’ is the buzz word, most people today agree that we need to develop a more sustainable way of living. In fashion this includes also the material choices, how we produce and consume clothing. Many fashion companies already have work in progress around the topic of sustainability, but also the end consumer has a role to play – it’s our choice to make whether we use natural, biodegradable materials, how much we buy new clothes, how many times we wear these clothes and how we take care of our clothes, shoes or accessories. This article is about how to take care for real fur.

Real fur is slow fashion at its best. It can stay with you for decades. It can be remodeled when the time goes by and the fashion trends change. If you rip your garment, it is really easy to fix the tear with the professional and the fur is really forgiving. The technical performances of real fur are unmatched with any other material there is. And at the very end real fur is 100 % biodegradable. And yes, let’s not forget the animal welfare. When you buy Saga Furs fur you can trust that the animal welfare is at the highest level in the world.

Taking care of your garments is part of sustainable consuming

After a long time, it is becoming trendy again to take care of the garments. People are buying steamers, cashmere combs, special laundry detergents and, also, choosing natural materials with the hope of having the garments for a longer time. And sure, a solid wardrobe with quality items can save you from the outfit crises most of the mornings. But what people also might not know or remember is that real fur is easy to take care for. You don’t need to have special tools or chemicals at home or avoid using the garment too often. The best tip is – use your quality fur coat as much as possible!

There are still few more tips to know which will help you to have your fur coat almost forever and maybe pass down to your grandchildren one day. Read further to find out how.

1. When the fur gets wet, just hang it up to dry
Wondering how to take care for real fur? Well. Real fur is a natural product, so use it as much as possible. The material loves fresh air and humidity. When your fur gets wet from rain and snow, just shake the water off and hang it in a dry, well-ventilated place, but never near the radiator or heat source. And don’t use a hair dryer! Shake it again occasionally, and soon your fur will be dry and ready to wear again. A gentle and an easy way to shake the water off is by putting your hands inside sleeves through the arm holes.

2. Fur loves cool dark space when resting
Your fur coat also needs some rest, just like you. When you are not using your fur coat hang it in a dark closet with adequate space. To retain the original shape hang it on a broad or padded hanger. Don’t scrunch your garment into a closet and never pack it in plastic. If you store the garment for a longer time, use a suit bag made of a natural material. Never use mothballs or other chemicals where you keep your garment, they can damage the fur or leather. Professional storage during the summer is recommended, but if you decide to keep you garment at home, store it in a cool, well-ventilated and dark place.

3. Fur loves cold weather!
Cool and cold days with low humidity are the best time to hang your garment outside and pamper it with some fresh air. Remember to avoid direct sunlight – dark shades of fur fade in the sun and light colors can turn yellow. Never put chemicals like hairspray or water repellents on your fur. And never perfume. The air will freshen a fur that has been in use or in the closet for a while.

4. Use professional help from time to time
To avoid tears and stretching open your coat when sitting and lift the hem of the coat a little when you sit down. If you should rip your fur or discover any other damage to it, bring it to a professional as soon as possible, as small tears can become big ones. Remember that fur is really forgiving, and the hair will conceal stitching on the leather side. As professional cleaning is required from to time it’s recommendation that you could go to a professional, let’s say every second year and ask the furrier to inspect the garment for you to detect any flaws. Professional care will fix possible tears, revitalize the hairs and add necessary oils to keep the leather side pliant.

Real fur is a slow fashion at its best. It can stay with you for decades. It can be remodeled when the time goes by and the fashion trends change.

So, now you know how to take care about real fur and as you can see it is really easy! To find out more about sustainability of real fur as a material check out this article. If you are interested to read about other tips on how to store your garments, read this article.