Masterful fur innovation at Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week AW19: The fur-loving city dialled up the volume with fox and mink.

In Milan you are never far from a strong fur look, whether it’s the fabulous mink-clad ladies you see out walking their pedigree dogs or the models gliding down the runway. Using the finest furs from Saga Furs the city’s designers showed forward-thinking looks that made full use of the near-endless possibilities that fox and mink offer. The mood was confident and artistic, pushing the notions of what a fur coat entails. Read on for a look at what AW19 has in store.

Gabriele Colangelo

Gabriele Colangelo brought a fluid ease to his refined minimalism this season, beautifully embodied in fur pieces that reflect the designer’s never-ending quest for the finest materials. Saga® Mink coats were constructed with fabric combinations that gave the impression of fur layered over another piece of outerwear or vice versa. The result was modern and covetable, from an inky-hued Saga® Mink with a check lapel to a beige trench coat built into an auburn mink.

Milan Fashion Week Gabriele Colangelo

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Mario Dice

Showcasing the versatility of fur as a way to sculpt shapes and craft artistic patterns, Mario Dice conjured several looks in Saga® Fox. A dyed black fox coat was cinched at the waist and had flaming red intarsia flowers blazing up from the hemline while a black and white intarsia piece radiated fierce glamour. He also used the gorgeous volume of fox to contrast a sleek sportswear-inspired neckline with pearl embellishment, and had dyed glossy Saga® Mink a deep claret to really underscore its shine.

Milan Fashion Week Mario Dice

Cristiano Burani

Drawing inspiration from Japanese garments Cristiano Burani rephrased traditional silhouettes with a deconstructed ‘work in progress’ approach. White Saga® Mink gave a completely new point of view to the kimono, further re-imagining it with hand stitching and an oversize zipper belt in place of the obi. A softly sculpted Saga® Shadow Blue Frost Fox coat had a high-end anorak feel to it with a contrasting soft white collar. Other key pieces were utilitarian dyed Silver Fox and Shadow Blue Frost Fox cross-body bags.

Milan Fashion Week Cristiano Burani

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Francesca Liberatore

What will we wear in the future? Or if we’re travelling to the moon? Francesca Liberatore proposed a wardrobe of everlasting fur to protect you from the elements – and Velcro for ease of wear. Feathered Saga® Fox had been dyed and crafted into a series of capes that spanned hooded warrior and eveningwear elegance, complete with a crystal space helmet. Natural Saga® Gold Fox was juxtaposed with high-tech materials bridging past and future or placed on a grey jacket for statement effect.

Milan Fashion Week Francesca Liberatore

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It was a highly emotional show for the Fendi family this season as they presented the late, great Karl Lagerfeld’s final collection for the house. The furs were as imaginative and sophisticated as ever, demonstrating Lagerfeld’s skilful ways with a material that he used throughout his career and continually reinvented. Classic brown mink was catapulted into today with retro-now yellow piping or intarsia stripes with the double F ‘Karligraphy’ logo from 1981 in Lagerfeld’s own handwriting. Impressions of palm leaves had been pressed into a black mink skirt suit while a sharp brown mink overcoat had burnished effects and was seemingly laser cut to reveal glimpses of gold underneath.

Fendi catwalk in Milan aw19

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Anna Molinari’s Blumarine never fails to deliver hyper-feminine fur pieces. This season she perfected the dreaminess with a pastel argyle intarsia mink coat and kept the gracefully pretty fantasy going with a cashmere wrap coat in the palest of pinks with tonal powder fox trims. A black piece was equally lovely: a timeless double-breasted coat with matching Silver Fox lapel.

Blumarine catwalk in Milan aw19

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