Vivienne Hu on how to achieve simple but high-end luxury

If you are looking for something that combines classic European elegance, New York downtown style, and an exotic Asian taste, let us introduce you to Vivienne Hu. She has lived on all three continents so mixing these tastes comes easy to her.

Vivienne Hu’s designs are inspired by where she has lived but also by her travels. Since Vivienne Hu started her own line in 2012, the brand’s collections have been based on her travels in Jordan, Dunhuang, Denali…. Even though these places sound exotic, still, the heart of the brand is European luxury which incorporates a timeless lifestyle. With many stories, dreams, and goals in mind, we got to know more about this designer in the exclusive interview.

Vivienne Hu the designer

One of Vivienne Hu’s favourite designs is this red power suit made with mink. On the right, the designer after one of her shows.

You have moved around quite a bit. What has taken you to all these places?
I was born in southeast China. When I was a teenager, I lived in Stuttgart Germany for college. After I graduated from University Hohenheim in Finance and Marketing double major, I was recruited at Citi Group headquarter in Manhattan as a Reverse Engineer in ABS and MBS. After three years of working on Wall Street, I decided to chase my dream in design and began studying fashion design at Parsons School of Design.

So, my start as a designer is maybe not have been the most traditional one. But I can say, based on my experience, that you should always follow your dreams. Mine was to be a designer.”

So, if you weren’t a fashion designer, what would you do? Return to work in finance?
“Ha-ha, I would like to be a Metaverse scene designer.”

About inspiration

Your brand, VivienneHu, is about the desire for displaying femininity and personality. How can you achieve that?

“Thinking about designing, there is some element, look, and feel that can only be achieved with fur. Fur is the only material with which you can achieve luxury in both a low-key, simple and high-end way. A fur coat gives the customer the identity of “I’m fun, standing out from the society and I enjoy the simple luxuries in life. And a fur piece can make a customer feel young.”

You seem to have a lot of love for fur. When did you fall in love with it?
“My first job out of Parsons was at Oscar de la Renta working as a designer in the fur department. And you know, I have known about Saga Furs since then. I appreciate the high technology and the auction system. I feel that also the sustainability at Saga Furs is extremely interesting. Saga Furs has also the absolute best fur quality and know-how and connections in dyeing and sewing – they are out of this planet.”

As a designer, you have also said that you also really appreciates the fantastic fur tech skills at Saga Furs.
“Yes, I’m not only designing with Saga Furs but I’m totally inspired by what Saga Furs does. For example the creative Fur Vision releases yearly always gives food for thought. Most recently, the designs and developments with black mink and Silver fox have been really inspiring.”


About fur

Talking about fur, what’s your favorite fur piece? Can be old, new, yet to be designed – just your favorite?
“I love them all! Our Saga Furs’ collections are youthful and fashionable. This season the Four Furs handbags will be a special design in accessories. They are fashion-forward and pieces you can use daily. My personal favorite is Saga Furs pink hoodie coat designed in fall 2020. It is made from fox fur and sewed in over 2,000 pieces in different pinks.”

Vivienne Hu fox coats

Making a statement with fox coats. On the left, Vivienne Hu’s favourite fur piece: a fox coat made out of 2,000 pieces of different pink colours. 


Saga Furs X VivienneHu has released fur collection yearly on New York Fashion Week since the Fall 2017 season. What will happen next?
“The next release will be on Valentine’s Day when we will release our AW2022 collection inspired by the western. On that theme, the collection will include also four Saga Furs handbags.”

On that note, what do you always carry in your handbag?
“My cell phone. I always like to call my team to discuss an interesting idea or call good friends to check how they are, especially during the pandemic. Communications bring the best in life.



The four fur bags collection by VivienneHu for the aw22 collection.


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