Sustainable and responsible innovation are hallmarks of Saga Furs’ leadership


For more than 80 years Saga Furs has been the company that has led the fur industry in initiating sustainable and responsible practices all along the supply chain. Saga Furs offers the world’s greatest selection of luxurious types of fur and has always worked closely with fur breeders to help them improve animal welfare, while our efforts in product development have inspired designers everywhere for more than 30 years after the establishment of the Saga Design Centre. In all the links between farm and fashion, Saga Furs has attempted to promote, develop and share responsible practices among our partners.

During its eight decades of leadership, Saga Furs has continued to innovate and develop best practices.

“I am especially proud of our achievements with the Saga Certification system, and all partners as well as employees who helped make it the world’s best – the platinum standard.  Certification procedures now include the new industry-level protocol, WelFur, which is about animal welfare improvement and it provides a strong support to validate Saga certification, which was initiated in 2005. As a lean sponsor, we were pleased to work with the fur and fashion industry in creating WelFur and putting it inside the Saga Certification programme”, says Magnus Ljung, CEO of Saga Furs.

During its eight decades of leadership, Saga Furs has continued to innovate and develop best practices. A striking example is the Saga Traceability System that now includes Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for accurate tracing of fur products back to the farm of origin. We could cite many other examples of how we became the industry model in sustainability, responsibility and sustainable procedures, but prefer to underscore the fact that we took these steps well before consumer demand for transparency arose. Saga Furs viewed these activities as an sustainable and responsible way of doing business.

Our pioneering actions have not only benefited fur breeding, consumers and the ecology. Saga Furs has also been a driving force in sustaining more than 60,000 European jobs directly linked to the fur trade along with thousands of related jobs in a range of industries, not least, fashion. What’s more, we have been instrumental in sustaining the ages-old furrier craft through innovation and sharing our expertise.

All our endeavours have demanded resources, investment, and in most cases, the participation of our partners. Trust has been the binding element in all of our partnerships.

Saga Furs has succeeded in building a brand recognized around the world for its superior quality furs, sustainable practices and transparency that has made Saga® the most trusted label in the business.