Supporting young talents


Creativity, Innovation, and Sustainability. These words are deeply linked to Timeless Icon, a talent-scouting programme promoted by the famous Finnish auction house Saga Furs, born to support young talents.

Timeless Icon is a scouting activity aimed at creatives, who are invited to express themselves by reinterpreting a fur garment worn by icons of the past or present. We look at divas and stars from the worlds of music, cinema, and fashion who have chosen a timeless garment to represent them – a material with important heritage, of undisputed value and quality that is by its very nature eternal.

The scouting programme encourages talented young designers to get inspired by the immortal essence of fur garments, exploring all the possible reinterpretations and variations without limits.

If you are a young fashion designer passionate about the elegance and iconicity of fur, participate and show us your talent! An international jury of renowned fashion experts will select and evaluate your work.

No limits to creativity. Just enter the contest and become a fashion icon!

Rules and prizes of Timeless Icon



The most sustainable fur in the world

Saga Furs is a renowned auction house that has been active in the fur industry since 1938. Saga Furs offers the highest quality furs, guaranteeing sustainability with the support of several certification programmes and other tools to provide sustainability and transparency – such as the new Saga Trac RFID.

Saga Furs is committed to promoting the sustainable production of European and North American furs sold at international auctions. The company provides raw materials for the global fashion industry throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Moreover, the company, which has always been focused on innovation and creativity, is providing concrete support to young designers with the establishment of the Creative Hub in Helsinki (formerly the Design Centre in Copenhagen). The Creative Hub is a visionary laboratory that encourages the development of new ideas in the field of fur, both in the fashion and interior design sectors.

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