Sustainable fashion is about quality


Since 1938, the name Saga Furs has stood for superior quality. Over the decades, our continous collaborations with the fashion brands has underlined the importance of quality. And don’t forget, good design combined with good quality equals slow fashion.

The cornerstones of quality include good animal husbandry and our meticulous auction grading and inspection processes. Each pelt goes through several pairs of hands to make sure the auctioned pelts meet our standards for quality. The highest quality furs are soft, shiny and dense and they don’t lose hairs. Garment made of high-quality Saga Furs will keep its look for decades.

Fur has outstanding technical properties. People who wear fur usually say it’s because of its warmth. But fur garments have also other characteristics that make it the ultimate choice. Or what do you think about these facts:

  • Natural product: Real fur is a natural product which is 100% biodegradable
  • Breathability: Fur is breathable yet also protects from wind and cold.
  • Water resistancy: In simulated rainfall, water evaporates faster from fur, and water penetration is zero
  • Cold insulation: Real fur is 70%+ warmer than fake fur and also warmer compared to other materials.
  • Durability: The leather side of fur has considerable tear strength with durability that increases with age.
  • Stain-free: Real fur is less liable to stain than other materials
  • Longevity: Fur can last for generations, while hair loss from repeated use and age is negligible.

Fur is sustainable slow fashion

Fur can test winter, but it can also stand the test of time. Fur coats are considered classics that can be worn season after season, making fur really slow fashion.
If you want to live and consume more sustainably, you should also consider material choices. It is your choice to make whether you want to use natural, biodegradable materials, and how you will take care of our clothing. For fur, the care-taking is easy:

  • If fur gets wet, shake it gently and hang it up to dry.
  • When not using your coat, let it rest in cool and dark.
  • On cool days, wear your coat – the fresh air will freshen also the fur.
  • If you discover any rips in your garment, a furrier can easily fix your fur.

When taken care of properly, a fur piece can stay with you for decades. After some time, fur garment can be remodeled – if the fashion trends change. And at the very end of its lifecycle, real fur is 100 % biodegradable.

Real fur is sustainable slow fashion at its best.

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