Transparency from farm to fashion with blockchain technology

We at Saga Furs believe there’s no real sustainability without full transparency to the production chain. To give consumers the transparency they deserve, we have a RFID blockchain technology system that digitizes the fur supply chain.

Did you know that with a simple tap on your phone, you can possibly trace the fur garment from retail to country of origin? And more over, to the farm of origin? This is possible with Saga Furs’ Saga Trac RFID system. The system combines the farm information with the farm certification programmes for animal welfare. This, in turn, gives the consumers full transparency and confidence that the fur animals are well taken care of.

Saga Furs has sustainability built in its DNA. To us, sustainability means good animal husbandry, environmentally performing farm and traceability. And it is to traceability that we have invested great resources overt time. Already in 2010, we created a pelt traceability programme that enabled manufacturers to trace the origin of furs down to individual farms. In 2021, Saga Furs introduced to the market the RFID platform that allow also the consumers to trace fur back through the entire supply chain – this means all the way down to country of origin and individual farms. With over a decade of providing traceability, as a result, our system has been tested many times by fashion houses and designers, and is known to be robust.

How does fur RFID blockchain work?

The Saga Trac RFID blockchain system stores information from all the suppliers along the chain in digital format. This information is used to create a digital copy of the garment. Called the digital ID or passport, it can reveal the country of origin of the fur. In addition, the technology allows Saga Furs to also disclose the dates when the farm has been certified and audited. What’s more, it is possible to include where the fur has been dressed and which skillful furrier has cut and sewn the garment. So not only does the RFID provide transparency in the value chain but also assurance of authenticity.

In addition to the Saga Trac RFID system, the parallel Furmark blockchain system provides transparency in the value chain. Furmark certification system covers the whole fur value chain from auction to retail. All points of the value chain are certified and verified by a third-party auditor. This information is also included in the Furmark blockchain system. To read more, go to

If your garment doesn’t have an identity code attached to it, it means the garment is not yet available for consumers to trac. But rest assured: if the garment has the Saga Furs label on it, the fur is sourced most responsibly with the highest level of animal welfare and environmental management.
Saga Furs’ label is the guarantee of sustainability.

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