Transparent and sustainable

Saga Furs is the source of certified and traceable fur. This makes fur the prime example of sustainable fashion.


Certified fur farms set the standards with the highest level of animal welfare through independent inspections and audits.

Saga Furs is a fur auction house that sells only certified mink, fox, Finnraccoon and sable pelts. The fur comes from European and North American fur farms, where animal welfare is of utmost importance.

The Saga Furs’ accepted certification programmes put high emphasis on animal welfare and environmental standards. The certification programmes are science-based, third-party certified, and transparent.

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Traceability provides full transparency from farm to retail. Traceability is a further proof of good animal welfare and environmental management.

Know where your product comes from – that’s possible for fur from Saga Furs. From your hands at the retail store all the way to the country and farm of origin, the whole value chain can be examined.

There’s no real sustainability without both transparency and certification programmes for animal welfare. Not only is the fur certified, but also the different stages of the manufacturing process are under certification and third-party checks that guarantee environmental performance.

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The Saga Furs label on a garment guarantees superior quality in fur. Natural fur is warm, breathable and water resistant. These qualities also guarantee longevity. When taken care of correctly, fur can last for decades.

Saga Furs takes pride in auctioning only the highest quality fur pelts to the fashion industry for manufacturing. Natural fur has special characters that make it an excellent choice for most weather. We love the softness, sensuality and beauty of fur. But fur is much more than that: it’s a functional, high-performing material that helps us embrace chill with ease.

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